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Zero trust (ZT) for EDI/Manage file transfer (MFT) provides a collection of concepts and ideas designed to minimize uncertainty in enforcing accurate, least privilege per-request access decisions in information systems and services in the face of a network viewed as compromised. (Network and Data).

Aligning zero trust governance to your security strategy

IBM Zero Trust governance model developed exclusively by IBM Security can help an organization achieve actionable progress toward zero trust maturity. The four core tenets of this zero trust governance model include:

Define Context

Coordinate actions across the ecosystem for consistency and context.

Verify and Enforce

Protect the organization by quickly and consistently validating.

Rapid Response

Resolve & remediate security incidents with minimal impact to the business.

Analyze and Improve

Continually improve security posture by adjusting policies.

Tackle zero trust

Based on your top priorities

A zero trust approach provides advanced protection from cyberthreats. See how to apply zero trust to help resolve top security challenges.

Zero trust for cloud

Every day, more organizations are moving to hybrid cloud environments. Fuel your cloud transformation with a modern approach to security, using zero trust.

Zero trust for insider threats

Cyberthreats can disrupt your business. Applying zero trust, adds context-based security that isolates threats and insulates your most valuable data.

Zero trust for privacy

Ensuring privacy is essential for building brand trust. Use zero trust to make data access limited and conditional.

Zero trust for hybrid workforce

Today’s business is conducted everywhere, challenging the balance of productivity and security. Use zero trust to put security everywhere you do business.

Securing the MFT & EDI Gateway

A zero trust approach aims to wrap security around every user, every device, every connection — every time. Unify and integrate your security tools to protect your most valuable assets and proactively manage threats.

Zero Trust in the DMZ

Zero Trust, IBM, Sterling Integrator,

Zero Trust MFT

Just starting with zero trust?

Get started by aligning zero trust to your business initiatives. Map out your existing investments. Prioritize projects and integrations. Our experts work with you to co-create a modern, open approach to zero trust security.

Advance your existing zero trust strategy. Get prescriptive adjustments build custom integrations and implement automation for your most important use cases. Our experts can help you achieve a more successful application of zero trust security.


Co-create your strategy

IBM Zero Trust Framing & Discovery Workshop brings together innovation and transformation for your security program, helping fuel business growth.

Measure your risk

IBM Security Risk Quantification Services measures risks in financial terms, helping business and security leaders prioritize the investments in their zero trust strategy.

Extend your roadmap

IBM Security Zero Trust Acceleration Services helps simplify and progress your zero trust journey with an actionable roadmap designed for your business.

IBM Cloud Pak® for Security

IBM Cloud Pak for Security is an open security platform that connects to your existing data sources — wherever they reside.

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IBM Partner Engagement Manager Standard is the right solution
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IBM Partner Engagement Manager Standard

IBM Partner Engagement Manager Standard is the right solution
addressing the following business challenges

IBM Partner Engagement Manager Standard

IBM Partner Engagement Manager Standard is the right solution
addressing the following business challenges

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