On-premise solution & moving to cloud

As companies adopt the cloud, they may discover that migrating to the cloud is not a simple, one-time project – it’s a much harder task than building new cloud-native applications. Keeping the old legacy stack and the new cloud applications in sync, with a single cohesive global information system is critical.

Pragma Edge enables large scale, big data pipelines that automate data in motion across any systems, applications, and architectures at massive scale. Aggregate, transform, and move data from on-premises legacy services, private clouds, or public clouds and into your apps from a central data pipeline for powerful insights and analytics.

Pragma Edge Cloud workload migration offers taking your on-premise solution and moving to cloud. Pragma Edge developed framework and accelerators to migrate your workload/applications to cloud without having to reinvest into the hardware and pay the premium for the software moving to SAAS.

On-premise solution & moving to cloud

Application Integration

EDI/XML/Flatfile Work loads

Manage File Transfer

Perform the Migration

Public Cloud provider of your choice

Cloud Migration is simply the adoption of cloud computing. It is the process of transferring data, application code, and other technology-related business processes from an on-premise or legacy infrastructure to the cloud environment.

Cloud Migration

Providing the Roadmap for migration to cloud

Real-Time Data and Analytics

Access real-time data as it's generated without sacrificing data quality, consistency, or security. Get powerful real-time insights, and analytics in milliseconds, unlocking new business value and new customer experiences

Agility and Speed

With the cloud, the acquisition of new stock and extra storage space is decreased to only days or even hours, giving organizations the agility to react to a quickly changing technological environment.

Security Analytics

Tired of the regular robust built-in security programs that almost all of the popular cloud solutions offer? Don’t worry, at Pragma Edge Cloud Migration, we offer migration on different servers and help you enhance the cloud security.


Free up engineers and IT from endless monitoring, configurations, and maintenance.
Save on development costs and improve organizational efficiency

Cloud Migration - Highlights

Cloud Migration is a phenomenal transformation in the business information system domain as it provides adequate services for the growing needs of businesses. However, moving data to the cloud requires preparation and planning in deciding on an approach.

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Learn 5 R's Cloud Migration Strategies

Gartner has identified five cloud migration techniques, known as the 5 R’s. Organizations looking to migrate to the cloud should consider which migration strategy best answers their needs


Rehosting, or ‘lift and shift,’ involves using infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)


Refactoring, or lift, tinker, and shift,’ is when you tweak and optimize your applications for the cloud


Revising builds upon the previous strategies, requiring more significant changes to the architecture


Rebuilding takes the Revise approach even further by discarding the existing code base


Replacing is another solution to the challenges that inform the Rebuild approach

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