Can develop integration solutions

IBM APP Connect Enterprise

To deliver a platform that supports the full breadth of integration needs across a modern digital enterprise.

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IBM APP Connect Enterprise

IBM App Connect Enterprise combines the existing, industry-trusted technologies of IBM Integration Bus with IBM App Connect Professional and with cloud native technologies, to deliver a platform that supports the full breadth of integration needs across a modern digital enterprise.

Using the IBM App Connect Enterprise Toolkit, you can develop integration solutions and deploy them to IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, the dedicated runtime of IBM App Connect Enterprise software, and to IBM App Connect Enterprise on IBM Cloud. You can use an extensive range of administration and systems management options to manage your integration solutions. IBM App Connect Enterprise can also use an extensive range of SaaS connectors, which can run on premises using the bundled App Connect Professional software or on the cloud using IBM App Connect on IBM Cloud.

combines the existing, industry -trusted technologies

Using the capabilities of IBM App Connect Professional (bundled as part of IBM App Connect Enterprise), you can quickly connect hybrid environments that are comprised of public clouds, private clouds, and on-premises applications. You can develop integrations by using a “configuration, not coding” approach, with premade integration templates, and rich connectors to speed development time.

IBM App Connect Enterprise software can be installed directly on a physical machine running in your own Data Center, in a VMWare virtual machine, in a Docker image, as part of an IBM Cloud Private installation, or installed by you into a public cloud such as IBM Cloud, AWS, or Microsoft Azure. The Docker images can be easily scaled and managed by using orchestration frameworks, such as Kubernetes, alongside other components within a modern architecture.

IBM App Connect Enterprise enables information packaged as messages to flow between different business applications, ranging from large traditional systems through to unmanned devices such as sensors on pipelines.

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Message routing

Messages can be routed from sender to recipient based on the content of the message. The message flows that you design control message routing. A message flow describes the operations to be performed on the incoming message, and the sequence in which they are carried out. Each message flow consists of the following parts:

Message transformation

Messages can be transformed before being delivered: