Frequently asked Questions

The following IBM Partner Engagement Manager standard frequently asked questions and answers provide you with general and frequently used or required installation, configuration, and replication-related information.


IBM Partner Engagement Manager Standard significantly reduces the time and resources required to onboard new partners while managing and maintaining existing partners. By automating the onboarding process, the Partner Engagement Manager limits costly manual errors and increases efficiency as partners can maintain their records.

Read the following IBM PEM frequently asked questions and answers.

 Establishing a business relationship with a partner includes three considerations

  • The onboarding activities necessary to set up a new partner or new document with an existing partner
  • A “continuous-touch” approach to managing the relationship
  • Offering line-of-business and partner staff the self-service necessary to end reliance on  IT

IBM PEM Community Manager is an accelerator deployed on IBM Sterling B2B Integrator that provides the ability to build reusable templates or workflow to process inbound and outbound files.


PEM Partner Repository provides the following capabilities:

  • Enables a sponsoring company to manage the partner configuration from a single place by maintaining a single master copy. PEM Partner Repository stores both Test and Production configuration data for partners. Sponsors are notified about the configuration status at any time, and therefore, they can take corrective actions within PEM Partner Repository, if needed.
  • Provides REST APIs to manage partner configuration and integrate PEM Partner Repository with PEM Portal and PEM Partner Provisioner.
  • Provides a user interface that is easy to use and manages system configuration data.
  • Provides versioning of partner configuration and password encryption capabilities.
  • Triggers events to PEM Partner Provisioner whenever needed so that the protocol configurations of partners are pushed to the backend B2B applications.
  • Enables configuring protocols and certificates such as FTP, FTPS, SSL, and others.

PEM Portal can also use the integration path that is used to self-onboard to update their information later. After they successfully onboard, they can use their IBM PEM Partner Portal to enter the updated information and send the information to your Sterling File Gateway product.

PEM Partner Repository and PEM Partner Provisioner enable Sponsor organizations to invite, view, approve, reject, activate, or deactivate sponsor users.

PEM Partner Repository and PEM Partner Provisioner define default permissions for sponsor users according to their user permission: Administrator or Standard User. Users with any of the Sponsor permissions can view information, and update their own profiles.

Select the Users tab on the Directory page to see the other users and administrators from your company. You can search by user ID. Administrators can edit and deactivate existing users, and assign or change a user’s permission.

Install and configure IBM PEM Standard using this 3-step process. 1. Setup IBM Sterling B2B Integrator  Create a custom pool and Cache properties in IBM Sterling B2B Integrator ₒ ₒ  Import the artifacts based on the database leveraged for the IBM Sterling B2B integrator ₒ IBM_B2Biimport_MSSQL.xml ₒ IBM_B2Biimport_Oracle.xml ₒ IBM_B2Biimport_DB2.xml 2. Deploy IBM PEM Standard  Setup IBM PEM  Import the Activities of IBM PEM 3. Deploy IBM PEM Community Manager  Unzip IBM PEM Community Manager Docker and set up IBM PEM Community Manager / Configure application.yml  Setup logback-spring.xml

  • In the Notification message, give the message for example “server Maintenance, you may see a delay in processing.”
  • Click next.
  • In the Email list, select the partners from the notification list to send notification messages.
  • Click Finish.

IBM Partner Engagement Management Local feature of the IBM PEM SaaS (Software as a Service) offering allows customers to keep some aspects of their data and the corresponding services that operate on that data behind their firewall.

IBM PEM Local feature is made available through the IBM Docker Registry as a Docker image. The Docker image contains the following IBM PEM service components: PEM Portal, PEM Partner Repository, and PEM Partner Provisioner.

PEM Partner Repository and PEM Partner Provisioner are used to integrate with solutions like IBM Sterling File Gateway.

The image that is used to support the IBM PEM Local feature is the same as the image that is used to deploy the IBM PEM SaaS offering on the IBM public cloud.

The PEM edition contains new predefined activities, APIs, and administrative interfaces. PEM Standard provides a complete end-to-end automated onboarding experience.

IBM PEM offers two versions of predefined activities for the following protocols that can be used by sponsor administrators.

  • FTP Protocol-FTPv1 and FTPv2
  • SFTP protocol – SFTPv1 and SFTPv2
  • FTPS protocol – FTPSv1 and FTPSv2