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IBM PEM Standard

IBM PEM STD simplifies the onboarding of new partners while enhancing the ability to manage and maintain partner relationships.

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IBM PEM Standard

Optimize partner onboarding processes

IBM Partner Engagement Manager – Standard Edition (IBM PEM STD) provides a workflow driven approach for onboarding and maintenance of your trading partner relationships. It reduces the complexity of working with your trading partners and allows you to enhance your business relationship easily and efficiently.

IBM Partner Engagement Manager – IBM PEM STD simplifies the onboarding of new partners while enhancing the ability to manage and maintain partner relationships. By standardizing and automating onboarding processes, IBM PEM STD helps to reduce costly manual errors and increase efficiency by enabling partners to maintain their own records.

Following are the capabilities of IBM PEM STD:

Simplified onboarding to increase productivity for corporate EDI teams.
Capability to self-service on board requests outside the partner network.

Simplifies mass envelope creations.
Enforces standardized file processing and partner onboarding using process management templates.
Provides self-service capabilities for partner relationship maintenance.

Facilitates digital transformation / API strategy for MFT / B2Bi platform.
Define standards for each global region and enforce the standards globally.

Provides the ability to add new transactions though self-service.
Keep up with partner contacts on a regular basis.
Supports integration with various Dev-Ops strategies.

Manage outdated accounts and decommissioning of unused accounts.
Integrates with ServiceNow or Salesforce / CRM applications for onboarding / offboarding.
Manage partner notification and migration of host updates, password policy changes, certificate updates.

Provides security controls to enforce the use of supported protocols and certificate standards.
Provides integration with a variety of reporting tools for deeper insight into file transfer activity.

IBM Partner Engagement Manager (PEM) Standard

Many companies have a complex and sometimes global mix of trading partners and often times have large, cross functional teams involved in the onboarding process ranging from IT staff, to Supplier / Customer Relationship Managers, to legal and administrative staff. With such a broad mix of external partners and internal staff, exchanging administrative and technical connectivity information that is routinely changing is a challenging, burdensome, and inherently slow process. IBM Partner Engagement Manager – Standard Edition provides enterprise visibility into the state of each partner’s onboarding journey to ease the administrative burden.

Automated Onboarding


Onboarding Visibility

Simplified Maintenance

Partner Productivity