ITXA Mapping Training Scope

IBM Transformation Extender Advanced, (IBM-ITXA), formerly named Standards Processing Engine, is the next evolution of the IBM Universal Transformation strategy for transforming documents. It contains modular, comprehensive solutions that are based on industry standards.

1.Product overview
2.Concepts and components overview
3.Design environment
4.Runtime services
5.Other components
6.Developing and deploying solution

1. Use the Eclipse Workbench
2. Create a workspace
3. Create a project.
4. Import file into a project.

1. Define an object as an item, group, or category.
2. Create a type tree.
3. Add a new type.
4. Explain and use type inheritance.
5. Explain and use type property propagation.

1.Describe properties associated with an item, group, or category.
2.Explain the difference between explicit and implicit groups.
3.Define a delimiter and explain the various delimiter locations.
4.Define syntax properties.

1.Describe a component.
2.Create component lists.
3.Define component ranges.
4.Analyze a type tree for structure and logical consistency.

1. Use the Map Designer to create a validation map.
2.Change map settings to generate a trace file.
3.Use a trace file to identify problems in data and data definitions.

  1. Know what kind of data can be defined by using Type Tree Importer.
    2. Build type tree by using Type Tree Importer


1.Use restriction lists to validate input.
2.Use component rules to ensure that data values meet certain criteria for acceptance.

1.Identify and write map rules.
2.Use Index to create output.
3.Use functions in map rules.

1.Explain when to use a functional map.
2.Create a call to a functional map.
3.Use the Functional Map Wizard to create a functional map.
4.Describe the components and properties of a functional map.
5.Explain how the Map Designer evaluates functional maps.
6.Use the Map Debug option to troubleshoot map output.
7.Use the Map Organizer to track and resolve unresolved rules.

1.Use functions to restrict the data that is passed to the functional map.

2. Define and create a partition.

3. Assign identifier component attributes.

4.Create summary data in an output file.

5.Add an output card to generate a second output file.

1.Describe error handling and recovery.
2.Map invalid data.
3.Modify map settings to generate a map audit log

1.Map Profiler
2.Map settings
3.Input card settings
4.Output card settings

1.Build maps for target platform
2.Identify other Transformation Extender files that effect map runtime
3.Create map reports


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