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Pragma Edge Community Manager (PCM) is powered by IBM Sterling B2B Integrator (akka Sterling Integrator, Gentran Integration Suite), which enables to onboard trading partners using FTP, SFTP, FTPS, AS2, HTTP/S, SMTP, IMAP. Community Manager provides the ability to handle any translation of the data but not limited to EDI, EDIFACT, XML,SWIFT, HIPPA, HL7, flatfiles etc

Machine learning is a form of AI that enables a system to learn from data rather than through explicit programming. However, machine learning is not a simple process. As the algorithms ingest training data, it is then possible to produce more precise models based on that data. 

FileGPS provides enterprise-wide file/transaction monitoring across any application. Many organizations utilizes file transfers as a means of communication between B2B partners or with between application to application integration due to various applications involved to handling the end to end process integration the end to end visibility of the transactions/files are lost, that causes inefficiencies and missed SLA.

Pragma Edge Jarvis beat is a lightweight component that is deployed on the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator / IBM Sterling File Gateway / IBM Perimeter servers to send critical information to Pragma Edge Jarvis. Beat takes very less CPU cycles and utilizes less than 100 MB of RAM every 15 minutes.

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Community manager solution extends IBM Sterling B2B Integrator to deliver next-generation B2B and File Transfer capabilities that meet the growing demands of the customer.​

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