Enable Trusted Transactions

Secure Proxy secures and shields your trusted network by preventing direct connectivity between external partners and your critical internal servers. Partner connections for B2B transactions and MFT file exchanges are intercepted at the edge and following authorization are transparently redirected to trusted connections within your enterprise.

Enable Trusted Transactions
Secure Proxy Speed

Enable Speed and Transparency

Secure Proxy offers a bridging capability for a high-speed protocol to the mainframe to support the IBM Connect: Direct High-Speed add-on option (HSAO). HSAO enables speedy and efficient transfers of large files over long distances. This also brings transparency to your migration projects.

Governance and Compliance

A fully IBM Watson Supply Chain Data Sheet integrated interface to external ID stores eliminates the need for duplicate stores and local accounts, providing a single source for user and partner credentials. Interfaces to HSMs support the use of these devices for key storage.

Governance And Compliance
Operational Management

Operational Management

Multiple Secure Proxy engines may be deployed in the DMZ for traffic separation, load balancing, and capacity management. A Configuration Manager console is provided for the creation and management of all proxy configuration objects and for managing the proxy engine(s) in the DMZ. The configuration is always performed inside the trusted zone to ensure the protection of configuration and management activities.

Pragma Edge Secure Proxy Services Includes:

  • Deliver high secure B2B and MFT solution utilizing the IBM Sterling Secure Proxy
  • Deliver Context based routing
  • Set up high availability and Disaster recover with IBM Sterling Secure proxy
  • Integrate authentication of FTP, FTPS, SFTP and AS2 protocols with LDAP or Active Directory for authentication
  • Build SSO with B2B, MFT and Portal solutions
  • Develop SSL session breaks and multi-factor authentication
  • Providing support for managing engines, Adapters
  • Build High-availability and load-balanced clustered environments to ensure business continuity and optimal performance
  • IBM Connect Enterprise context based routing