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Utilize model-driven engineering, such as the model-driven architecture (MDA)/ Object Management Group (OMG)

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IBM Operational Decision Manager

We deliver Business Rule Management System (BRMS) to define, deploy, execute, monitor, and maintain the variety and complexity of decision logic used by operational systems within an enterprise. We utilize model-driven engineering, such as the model-driven architecture (MDA)/ Object Management Group (OMG), to deliver efficient BRMS development.

Operational Decision Manager on Cloud includes components from Operational Decision Manager, which delivers a proven development system for capturing policies in solutions that automate the application of decisions.

Introducing Operational Decision Manager: Operational Decision Manager enables businesses to respond to real-time data by applying automated decisions. With it, business and technical users externally develop and manage the decision logic of operational systems that organizations depend on daily.
Accessibility: Accessibility features enable people with disabilities, such as restricted mobility and limited vision, to work successfully with Operational Decision Manager.

IBM Operational Decision Manager - IBM ODM Services Includes: ​

Improved efficiency of processes through increased decision automation.
Design and deploy Business rules & events enabling Decision Management, Event Processing, Governance and Integration for customers.

Consolidation of rules form legacy systems like Mainframe / AS400.
Upgrade from previous versions (iLog JRules to ODM).

Automate decisions by integrating with BPM processes.
Governance of rules with Decision Center.

Reduced or removed reliance on IT department to manage the business rules.
Increased control over implemented decision logic for compliance and better business management.

Deployment of Business rules implemented as decision services or Rule Applications in clustering environment to support extremely high volumes.

Integrate IBM BPM with IBM ODM.
Integrate IBM Commerce Server with IBM ODM for price and order management.


Operational Decision Manager combines decision making and change detection tools to provide a business rule management system that is easy to evolve, trace, audit, and test.
Operational Decision Manager automates the implementation of business policies of your organization by using Decision Center and Decision Server. ODM for developers deploys these applications in a single container, which can be used for in-house or web-based purposes.

IBM ODM is an implementation of a Business Rule Management System. It allows the creation, management, testing and governance of business rules and events and stores them in a central repository where they can be accessed by multiple individuals and software products.

With Decision Center, business users can manage decisions that are directly based on organizational knowledge and best practices, with limited dependence on the IT department. Decision Center includes a rule repository and collaborative web consoles for business users to author, manage, validate, and deploy rules
You install Operational Decision Manager by using the IBM Installation Manager tool. The Installation Manager wizards take you through the required steps for your installation. Download and install updates, such as interim fixes or fix packs, for Operational Decision Manager from IBM Fix Central.