Software as a Services

SaaS & Cloud Technology

way of delivering applications over the Internet—as a service

OUR SaaS & Cloud Technology Services

Thinking locally, acting globally

Pragma Edge is a full-service cloud solutions company that offers digital transformation and start-up consultation along with enterprise IT services.
With a tool of this caliber, overcoming obscure data queries or complex analytical problems becomes much less daunting as pragma edge does exactly what it’s designed for – deliver insights – without breaking a sweat. This means that complex queries or deep-rooted business questions no longer need to stump you anymore!

Time and money saving measures

It takes a lot of time and money to achieve long-term insights and those are the key areas that pragma edge excels in. Now when solving this problem is just an analytical away, you have better ways to use these resources elsewhere and make the right decisions quicker than before by understanding in depth patterns of change in the market.

Pragma Edge Advanced Data Capture provides the capability to convert FAX, PDF documents into digital formate such as EDI, EDIFACT, XML, Flatfiles.

Advanced Data Capture supports scanners, fax and digital files pdf, images from application and mobile devices.

Planning to begin with or to expand your B2B-MFT journey? PragmaEdge has the essential experience, talent, and tools to help your company achieve its goals.

Data Processing is the task of converting