Enveloping And De-Enveloping

Processing of standards-based documents, including validation and acknowledgment generation, is provided through the runtime SPE API.

Enveloping is used broadly to include the standards-specific terms packaging and bulking. Similarly, the term de-enveloping is used to include the standards-specific concepts unpackaging and debulking.



A Standards Processing Engine solution uses strategic technologies from the IBM portfolio, including a dedicated XML-XML mapper and transformation engines. It can run a WebSphere® Transformation Extender, Sterling B2B Integrator, or XSLT map to transform a document or collection of documents. The capability to produce logs, exception data, and translation reports is also available.

Pragma Edge Transformation Services Includes:

  • Deploy and Deliver solution for Health Care payers – HIPAA requirements, including Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange/Strategic National Implementation Process (WEDI/SNIP) levels 1-6
  • Deploy and Deliver solution for Supply Chain Customer
  • Architecture and Design of the solution
  • IBM ITXA /SPE: Design, Installation and Implementation
  • Jumpstart services to integrate IBM Sterling B2B Integrator / IBM Sterling File Gateway with ITXA
  • Creating transformation maps using IBM ITXA, Sterling B2B Integrator and XSLT maps.
  • Develop API for ITXA
  • Deploy IBM ITXA on Dockers
  • Provide end to end reporting, alerts on ITXA
  • Deliver SLA management with ITXA transactions
  • Technical and Functional training
  • On Going Support