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Our B2Bi Services enables companies to reduce costs by consolidating on a single platform and automates B2B services.

Our B2Bi Services

Business-to-business (B2B) integration is the automation of business processes and communication between two or more organizations. It allows them to work and trade more effectively with their customers, suppliers, and business partners by automating key business processes. B2B integration software provides the architecture needed to digitize information and quickly route it through an organization’s trading ecosystem.

Pragma Edge delivers the most advanced B2B solutions utilizing IBM Sterling B2B Integrator. Pragma Edge Community Manager is an accelerator that runs on IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, which enables rapid trading partner onboarding, End-to-End Visibility with Ease of use.

Pragma Edge services help monitor the Smarter Commerce Activity, Manage and Monitor file transfer activities, Process activity, Server Activity, Develop reactive and proactive alerts, notifications.

Pragma Edge Transforms the current B2B Solutions, BPM, Integration modules to perform universal B2B and translation based on industry standards, offers a modular architecture designed for ease of deployment, high availability, and scalable performance.

Digital business and globalization continuously disrupt today’s business. Customers expect what they want, when and where they want it. AI provides real-time intelligence and recommendations to get ahead of supply chain transaction issues to ensure orders are delivered on time. Blockchain empowers transparency and trust with multi-party visibility of digital events across your supply chain.

IBM Sterling Business Transaction Intelligence Multi-Enterprise Edition removes transaction blind spots between partners with multi-enterprise shared visibility from order through delivery. This solution allows you and your trading partners to have a single version of the truth with a secure, immutable IBM Blockchain relationship that deepens trust and transparency.

we can assist you in developing and implementing a clear and strategic IT roadmap with priorities that are closely tied to business objectives.

In a tech-driven world, it’s difficult to drive forward when you’re stuck managing an overabundance of technology projects, responding to the everyday, or attempting to keep up with a collection of obsolete applications and frameworks.

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FileGPS - End To End File Monitoring

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Community manager solution extends IBM Sterling B2B Integrator to deliver next-generation B2B and File Transfer capabilities that meet the growing demands of the customer.​

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