Sterling B2B Integrator - Dashboard themes

Theme management is the first stage in dashboard configuration. Managing dashboard themes is an Administrator task that may be as simple as leaving the standard configuration for all user accounts, or as complex as customizing multiple themes, permission groups, and assigning them to users on a case-by-case basis.

You assign themes to a user account during the user account creation process. Only AFT Suite administrators can use and modify themes. However, a Sterling B2B Integrator administrator not using one of these components can still assign user permission to a variety of portlets when creating a user account, which enables the user to add those portlets to their personal dashboard if desired. For a list of the portlets available when no theme is assigned, see Standard Dashboard Interface.

  • For instructions on customizing dashboard themes, see Customized Dashboard Themes.
  • For information about the process of assigning preconfigured Sterling B2B Integrator themes in user accounts, see Assign Dashboard Themes in User Accounts.
How User Permissions Relate to Dashboard Themes

Regardless of any display you assign or configure for a given user, the user can modify his or her dashboard to suit personal needs, as individual permissions allow.

You can restrict user permission to individual portlets during the user account creation process. However, be certain not to assign a preconfigured dashboard theme while simultaneously restricting access to a portlet that is part of the theme, because the theme configuration overrides your portlet permissions selection; the portlet will display in the user’s dashboard (it displays an error message).

The Administrator can modify the contents and display of a preconfigured dashboard theme at any time. However, modifications will not affect any users assigned to the theme prior to its changes being made; only new user accounts assigned to that theme will have the modified theme. Essentially, new users obtain their assigned dashboard theme the first time they log in, but can customize the display as their permissions allow from that point on, without being affected by any future theme changes made by the Administrator.

Preconfigured Dashboard Themes

For your convenience, Sterling B2B Integrator includes preconfigured dashboard themes for the AFT Suite that display portlets targeted to a specific business need.

The Administrator can assign dashboard themes to users during the user account creation process as befits the users’ responsibilities within the organization. In this way, user interfaces are tailored to a user’s needs at the time of login.

The themes provide a starting point for customized organization of the dashboard interface; each theme is created for a common usage of Sterling B2B Integrator. You select the themes during user account creation, in the Dashboard Theme field (the value in the Accessibility field must be Dashboard UI in order to select themes). The preconfigured themes work with specific components as noted in the following table:

Theme Name
Works with this Sterling B2B Integrator Component
AFTAdvanced File TransferFor users of the Advanced File Transfer Suite; see AFT Theme

The Administrator can modify these themes as needed. Preconfigured Administrator user accounts for each theme are provided with Sterling B2B Integrator to enable you to modify the themes. For information about managing themes, see Customized Dashboard Themes.

Individual users to whom a theme has been assigned can modify their panes and portlets as needed, with possible restrictions depending on permissions assigned in the user account.

Note: When you are not using preconfigured dashboard themes, the standard interface includes the Admin Console pane for general users and displays the Admin Console and the Operator panes for the administrator. For this to occur, the Accessibility value in your account is set to Admin UI and the Dashboard Theme field is set to inactive. You do not have a theme assigned but rather have the standard dashboard interface. For more information, see Standard Dashboard Interface.

Modify the Default Display for a User

There is no provided User ID and password for the default theme, therefore you cannot modify this theme at the administrative level. However, you can modify the default theme on a user-by-user basis.

To modify the display for a user:
  1. Create a user account and assign the default theme for the Dashboard UI.
  2. Log out.
  3. Log in using the user’s ID and password that you just created and modify the display.
  4. Log out.
You would have to complete these steps for every user you wanted to have the modified theme. A better option is to modify another existing theme and assign it as needed.

Default Theme

The default dashboard theme provides quick access to information specific to administrative or general users of Sterling B2B Integrator.

This information may be useful to a manager who wants a quick overview of system functioning and document processing, with the ability to track document processing.

There is no provided User ID and password for the default theme, therefore you cannot modify this theme at the administrative level. You would have to complete these steps for every user you wanted to have the modified theme. A better option is to modify another existing theme and assign it as needed.

Users assigned this or any theme can customize their own displays.

The following table lists the included panes and portlets for the default theme:

Included portlets
Admin Console
  • Administration Management Console (this comprises the entire standard Sterling B2B Integrator administration pane)
  • Business Process Search
  • Database Usage
  • Cache Usage
  • Event Viewer
  • Enhanced Log Viewer (System log)
  • Enhanced Log Viewer (Work Flow log)
Advanced File Transfer
  • AFT Suite features
Note: This pane displays only if you are a licensed AFT Suite user.