What's new in Maximo Mobile 9.0

Uploading images

You can capture a photo or image using a mobile device and upload it directly to the server. For instance, you can take a photo using your mobile device and link it to an asset associated with a work order. This image can serve as an attachment to a record or be designated as the primary image for the asset itself.

Electronic signatures

Use e-signature keys in your web browser or your mobile device to confirm that a status change or attribute value update is complete and valid.

Mobile application idle timeout

The system property maximo.mobile.userInteraction.idleTimeout enables administrators to define an idle session timeout duration for Maximo Mobile applications. The mobile applications monitor user activity every 60 seconds. If there is no activity during this period, users are notified with a countdown indicating when their session will expire. Users have the option to cancel the timeout and remain logged in to the application.

Performance improvement

Limit the amount of child data that is returned to a mobile device

You can limit the number of child records that are downloaded to a device for parent records that are returned from a query. For example, if work order records contain related child data like labor, tools, and materials, you can limit the number of child records that are downloaded to the device.

For more information about the new mobile-child-filter component, see the Maximo Mobile Child-Data Filtering topic in the Graphite Declarative Application Reference for information. The Graphite Declarative Application Reference can be accessed from the Help menu in the Maximo Application Framework Configuration application.

Data retrieval optimization from local database

Data retrieval and display time are improved. Child data is automatically downloaded for records on cached versions of previously loaded parent records.

Server-side search

Configure an application to limit the number of records that the server returns for a query. You can add a saved query to the datasource to restrict the records that can be searched.

Performance analysis

Data download error details

If you encounter an error when you download data to a mobile device, details are available to assist you with troubleshooting.

Monitor device storage

You can review the amount of storage that is used by the offline database, attachments, application records, and cache.

On your mobile device, open the Settings page and select Storage usage to view the amount of device storage used by Maximo Mobile. You can also clear the data that is held in the cache.

View data sync statistics

You can review the statistics for data sync operations between the server and the mobile device.

From your mobile device, open the Help and Support page and select Data Sync Statistics. Then select a category to view its data sync statistics.

View diagnostic data

You can manually run data sync operations for specific application data and queries and then view diagnostic data.

Improved installation and upgrade experience for Maximo Mobile on Microsoft Windows

A new MSIX installation program supports installing Maximo Mobile on Microsoft Windows on a per-user and per-system basis. Upgrade Maximo Mobile on Microsoft Windows without losing data.

Service Requests enhancements

Service request description field supports rich text format

When you create a Service request record, on the details page, you can apply rich text formatting to a Service request description. You can also add inks in the description field.

Renaming Service request attachments

When you add an attachment to a Service request record, you can set its file name and description before you save and submit the record. You can also open a submitted record and edit the file name or description for any of its attachments.

Service request attachment implementation

In previous releases, mobile device users created new service requests and added attachments before saving the service request record. Over time, the temporary data for these service requests and attachments accumulated in the local memory of the device, causing app instability.

Mobile device users are now required to save and submit a new service request record before they can add attachments to the record. Saving the record to the local database before they add attachments frees up device memory.

Web links

Web links now open in the system browser. If required, you are prompted to authenticate to the target the first time you access the web link destination for the duration of the active session.

User experience improvements

The user interface was enhanced to improve the user experience. A few examples include server URL fields prompt users to use the HTTPS protocol, and when failed and blocked data transactions occur, they are highlighted over the menu bar.

Technician location sharing

Securely provides near real-time field technician position tracking to dispatchers and planners. Technicians can be efficiently allocated to work order locations based on their proximity and availability.

Work orders enhancements

Calibration work orders

Calibration work orders are designated by an asset or location that is marked as Calibration. Technicians are able to enter as-found and as-left measurements and validate them against the tolerance limits.

Linear asset support

Work orders can now access linear asset information, including reference points.

Accept or reject assignments

Before a technician starts a work order, they can accept or reject assignments that were defined as to be accepted.

Quick Reporting

Create new work orders quickly with a mobile version of the Quick Reporting application.

Optional enforced scanning

Work orders can be configured so that technicians must validate the asset by scanning the bar code before changing the status of the work order.

Maximo Asset Configuration Manager managed assets

Technicians can record removal, installation, and switch transactions of assets managed by Maximo Asset Configuration Manager for the work orders to which they are assigned.

Enhancements for storeroom clerks

Stage inventory items

Stage items by using inventory usage records.

Issue inventory items

  • Add multiple inventory items without a reservation.
  • View and edit charge information for items issued.
  • Add reserved and nonreserved items to a single inventory usage record.
  • Check available inventory balances by using the role-based application in your mobile browser.

Transfer items between storerooms

  • Create inventory usage records to transfer items between storerooms by using the mobile app.
  • Transfer between sites, loading inventory usage records from the Inventory Usage application.
  • Add or remove multiple inventory items to transfer.

Create shipments for transfers

Create shipments from inventory usage records by using the mobile app.

Global synchronization of data across applications

Previously, synchronizing data from an individual application refreshed data for that application only. If transactional records for an application have a dependency on records from another application, you must synchronize data from each application. For example, if you have a Work Order that references Inspection records. Alternatively, you can perform a global synchronization from the Maximo Mobile Navigator page.

Now, you can synchronize the data from an application and any associated data is also synchronized.

Maximo Application Framework Configuration application improvements

Login help

More information link was added to the login page, which provides help and troubleshooting information.

Now, you can synchronize the data from an application and any associated data is also synchronized.

Canvas improvements

You can modify the appearance of the application UI through the canvas area. Preview an application XML component in the canvas, for example, an application page, and then drag elements to rearrange the display.

Improved upgrade experience

You can initiate an upgrade of an application through the Maximo Application Framework Configuration application interface.

Multi-language support

Maximo Application Framework Configuration application labels can be translated for non-English labels and menu items.

Data refresh improvements

Added data refresh options to improve data refresh performance on mobile devices. Partial updates make it possible to refresh work lists, supporting data, and map data independently. You can also refresh data by function, for example, refresh data for Technician or for Inspections.

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