Troubleshoot problems in IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

Tools, tips and guidance are provided to help you troubleshoot problems in IBM Sterling B2B Integrator.

Database Maintenance Check

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator runs a scheduled maintenance check on the database every Monday at 4:00 AM. This process is the default setting and is configurable. 

Full Database Issues and Resolution

For various reasons, you might find that your Sterling B2B Integrator database becomes full. This might cause performance issues that appear to be related to memory or other resource usage.

Database Connection Issues

You might find that your business process throughput slows down in Sterling B2B Integrator during data bursts (sudden increase in data volumes) or connection or cursor leaks (unreleased database connections). These data bursts can also result in an increased number of failed pool requests.

Database Down Check

Sterling B2B Integrator runs a scheduled check on the database connection every 120 seconds to verify that it did not go down. These checks are run by the DB Resource Monitor and are logged in the resource_monitor.log file.

Tracking JDBC Connections

If JDBC tracking is enabled, you can view or save a JDBC report to help you troubleshoot database connection problems. You can view the report to troubleshoot by yourself, or save the report and send it to IBM Customer Support to aid in resolving the problem. 

Types of Cache Memory

Sterling B2B Integrator uses different memory cache types to run processes.

Symptoms and Causes of Inefficient Cache Usage

Determining the symptoms and causes of inefficient cache usage might help troubleshoot your system.

Resolving Inefficient Cache Usage

After you identify the cause of inefficient cache usage, you can determine the correct way to resolve the issue.

Correcting Dropped Data Problems

Proper requirements planning and performance tuning usually prevent most memory-related issues from occurring. However, because it is not possible to anticipate every situation, you might occasionally experience a memory problem.

Correcting Out-Of-Memory Errors

You can increase the amount of memory available to Sterling B2B Integrator by using the Performance Tuning wizard and changing the value in the Physical memory (MB) allocated to SI.

Understanding Business Process

You might find that business process execution times are longer than expected, which might be the result of an increase in volume or improperly written business processes. 

Symptoms and Causes of Poor Business Process Execution Time

There are many symptoms and causes of poor business process execution time.

Resolving Halted, Halting, Waiting, or Interrupted Business Processes

A business process in a Halting, Halted, Interrupted_Man, or Interrupted_Auto state requires immediate attention because the business process stopped processing. 

Slow System: Symptoms, Causes, and Resolution

You may find that your Sterling B2B Integrator is working slowly because of a variety of reasons.

Performing a Thread Dump

A thread dump is a snapshot of every thread that is running in Sterling B2B Integrator at the time the thread dump is generated. You can perform a thread dump to determine bottlenecks in Sterling B2B Integrator.

Scenario-Based Troubleshooting Tips and Techniques

Depending on your scenario, troubleshooting tips and techniques are available to possibly remedy the problem.

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