Sterling B2B Integrator - Icons

IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator uses a set of icons throughout the interface to help you quickly identify information on pages and to navigate effectively to complete the required tasks.

The following table provides a list of these icons and their descriptions:

pencilIconCustomize pane or customize portlet displays the Customize Pane for the appropriate tab or the Customize Portlet pane for the portlet.
HomeIconHome displays the Admin Console Home page (from the Administration menu).
SitemapIconSite Map displays a site map of the component you are working in.
SupportIconSupport displays information about how to get technical support.
HelpIconHelp opens a separate window to display the Online Documentation Library, where you can access all of the product documentation.
NewsIconNews indicates a message posted by an administrator.
CalendarIconCalendar provides you with a means to select a day in the context of a schedule.
PaneIconPane (on the Customize pane) represents a pane in the Dashboard.
AlertIconAlert indicates an alert from the system or a system administrator.
InfoIconPage information provides instructions about the page you are in (also called Side Help).
StepsIconRelated steps along with Side Help, this indicates the steps related to completing the procedure you are in.
GreenLightIconStatus indicator:
  • For business processes – Indicates that the process is not encountering errors or warnings at this point in the execution, or has not encountered errors during recent execution.
RedLightIconStatus indicator:
  • For business processes – Indicates that the process is in one of the following states:
    • Waiting for other activities to complete before continuing execution
    • Encountering errors or warnings during execution
    • Ended and encountered errors or warnings during execution
or InfoIconInfoIconBWInformation, click to open a separate window to display more details about the related item.
EditIconEdit, click to modify the related item in the list or table (such as a user account or trading profile identity). In some instances, this icon may also be displayed without the word ‘edit’.
DeleteIconDelete, click to delete the related item in the list or table.
CopyIconCopy, click to copy the selected item in the table or list, such as a trading partner profile.
TrashCanClearIconClear removes a corresponding selection from a list or table display.
UnlockIconNo security indicates that the item or service is not configured with security settings.
AddJoinIconAdd, adds a configuration (such as a trading partner) or value (such as a schedule exclusion value).
TreeViewIconTree view displays a hierarchical view in a separate window of the indicated item, such as service types.
ListViewIconList view displays a list view in a separate window of the indicated item, such as service types.
FilterIconFilter limits search or selection criteria to the data you enter.
MoveIconsMove buttons enables you to select items in a side-by-side pair of lists and move them back and forth between lists. The double arrow moves the entire contents of the list. A single arrow moves only the selected item.
WarningIconWarning precedes a system message. If this icon is displayed, contact the administrator.
RefreshIconRefresh, click to refresh the data to display the most current information.