Navigating Sterling B2B Integrator

A good understanding of Sterling B2B Integrator navigation will enhance your experience with the product.

You can use the IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator UI to create, configure, and manage your operations by steering you toward the activities that you must undertake.

Some browsers/operating systems require additional configuration to correctly render the Sterling B2B Integrator user interface in certain languages.
After IBM Sterling B2B Integrator is installed, your system administrator creates your user account and assigns user permissions related to using the various system components.
The Admin Console pane is your access point to all the standard IBM Sterling B2B Integrator features. The UI uses a dashboard design that enables the display of additional optional panes that are available with other IBM Sterling B2B Integrator applications.
IBM Sterling B2B Integrator uses a set of icons throughout the interface to help you quickly identify information on pages and to navigate effectively to complete the required tasks.
If you attempt to progress to the next page in a procedure without providing information in all the required fields, IBM Sterling B2B Integrator displays a system message that indicates the missing information. You cannot progress further until you provide the necessary data.
The IBM Sterling B2B Integrator interface uses various formats for date and time fields in the interface.
Some wizard pages within a procedure use filter fields to ease the process of selecting the appropriate data for a value. Filter fields limit the options. Often, filter fields are used with group selection fields and move buttons, which make it easy for you to select a group of options at one go.
You can use the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator interface to search for nearly all the entities that are related to your use of the system, from system processes to sets of data that is used to regulate or enable processes.
You can perform various activities that are crucial to managing your processes by using IBM Sterling B2B Integrator with associated applications. The applications contain features that integrate with IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, eliminating complex custom development requirements.
Many tools and links provide access to various help information in the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator interface.