Sterling File Gateway services

IBM® Sterling File Gateway provides several services to help you meet your business needs.

The File Gateway Delivery service delivers files that have been transformed to consumer partners.

The File Gateway Arrived File service verifies and processes files that arrive into Sterling File Gateway. It also determines if the files need to be routed and/or deleted.

The File Gateway Route Event service enables users to fire custom events as part of a route in Sterling File Gateway. The events will be viewable and searchable in the same manner as the pre-existing events.

The File Gateway Listening Producer service is used by Trading Partners (producers) to listen to the FTP server for file communication, which requires the use of the Trading Partner Services API.

The File Gateway Complete Delivery service completes the delivery to consuming partners by reporting the state of Arrived File, Route, and Delivery objects.

The File Gateway Create Partner Mailbox service creates mailboxes to match the specified directory path and grants mailbox access to the partner’s users.

The File Gateway Route service processes and transforms files in order to prepare them for delivery to a consumer partner.