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At IBM, we understand that clients are looking for an AI-infused modern governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) solution to confidently meet their business objectives in a dynamic world of risks and threats. In this spirit, our engineers have been hard at work updating our cloud technologies to help our clients become more agile and resilient in their approach to their data.

In November, IBM released IBM OpenPages for Cloud Pak for Data, IBM’s container-based integrated Data, AI and Analytics platform. With this new availability, OpenPages runs anywhere: on-premises or on any private, public, hybrid cloud or multicloud environment. It’s powered by AI and your data to transform your GRC practice.

IBM OpenPages for Cloud Pak for Data enables customers to streamline, consolidate, and transform their architecture to adapt to a future of accelerating change. Now OpenPages can live in the expanded ecosystem of open-source and third-party applications enabled by the latest Cloud Pak for Data release.

A Modern GRC platform — cloud native and cost efficient

According to IDC, spending on cloud services and cloud-enabling hardware, software, and services will more than double, to over $530 billion by 2021, with over 90% on multicloud. At the same time, enterprise applications continue to shift toward hyper-agile architectures using microservices, with over 95% of new microservices deployed in containers. Today, leveraging a cloud-native architecture is a vital strategy as companies continue their digital transformation efforts.

OpenPages for Cloud Pak for Data represents a modernized container architecture that sits on top of Red Hat OpenShift. Automated data discovery, classification, cataloging and preparation eliminate costly mistakes and mundane tasks. You can now provision OpenPages for Cloud Pak for Data within 30 minutes. This also opens doors for rolling upgrades without downtime. Integrated metering, web-based health checking, and monitoring drive down your IT costs and maximize your investment.

A Cognitive GRC platform — infused with AI and connected with data

The nature of risk is continuously shifting at unprecedented levels, with AI and data representing two big factors redefining the GRC practice. OpenPages for Cloud Pak for Data is infused with AI by seamlessly integrating a rich set of IBM Watson capabilities that are available on the same Cloud Pak for Data platform. This helps clients accelerate their GRC journey with AI, regardless of where the underlying systems reside.

As your firm expands, your digital footprints, cybersecurity vulnerabilities and risk complexity also increase, due to the huge amount of data being produced. As such, the intelligent use of accumulated risk data is absolutely essential.

With OpenPages for Cloud Pak for Data, you have access to an advanced data science toolkit to build and govern models, as well as a flexible, containerized deployment architecture. IBM Cloud Pak for Data manages the entire AI lifecycle, from preparing data for AI use to model creation, deployment and governance. A number of AI tools and solutions are also embedded with Cloud Pak for Data, including:

An Agile GRC platform — increases productivity and creates an unparalleled user experience

GRC program success relies on the engagement of all three lines of defense. Accordingly, the GRC solution should be intuitive, based on the user role, and able to support simplified collaboration across all three lines.

With the task-focused UI, built-in workflow, calculation engine and other breakthrough improvements to OpenPages, application owners can embrace the agile GRC practice when deploying new use cases or evolving their existing processes. An agile step-by-step process can look like this:

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