Sterling B2B Integrator - EBICS Banking Server Services

Several services and adapters are available for EBICS in Sterling B2B Integrator.

The EBICS Order Authorization service handles incoming order requests for the bank-technical upload order type.

The EBICS ES Packaging service packs and unpacks key information that is used when signing and verifying the ES.

The EBICS Order Processing service performs EBICS transaction and subscriber retrieval and packing and unpacking of encrypted symmetric keys.

The EBICS Order Streaming service performs EBICS packing and unpacking of order type data by using the pipeline functionality in Sterling B2B Integrator.

The EBICS Compression service compresses and decompresses files.

The EBICS Encryption service encrypts and decrypts as a part of the packing and unpacking of order data.

The EBICS Encoding service encodes and decodes as part of the packing and unpacking of order data.

The EBICS Signing service performs the EBICS signing and verification of order data on the SHA-256 digest, computed in pipeline mode.

The EBICS Subscription Manager service to validate the keys on the Initialization letters for INI and HIA, update the status of the user to Ready before exchanging the EBICS messages, and import or export EBICS profiles that are created through Subscription Manager.

The EBICS Server service is responsible for handling incoming EBICS requests according to the EBICS protocol specifications and generating and sending the appropriate response back to the subscriber.

The EBICS Export Certificate service exports certificates from the Sterling B2B Integrator repository into the primary document in the Base64 encoding format.