Sterling B2B Integrator - EBICS Server User

The Sterling B2B Integrator EBICS Banking Server is a complete EBICS solution involving a bank, partner, and user management, certificate management, secure file transaction, error recovery and reporting. Use Sterling B2B Integrator to send and receive EBICS transactions.

Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard (EBICS) is an Internet-based communication and security standard that is primarily used for remote data transfer between your organization and a financial institution for corporate payment transactions.

EBICS allows data file exchange independent of message standards and formats. EBICS uses established digital signature and encryption procedures. Its features are based on international standards for Internet communication and improved security, for example, XML, HTTPS, TLS, and SSL. EBICS also has multibank capability wherein the corporate clients in the countries that have adopted EBICS can transact with any bank in those countries using the same software.

A range of prerequisites must be fulfilled by a user (associated with a partner) to be able to implement bank-technical EBICS transactions with a particular bank. The basic prerequisite to implement EBICS transactions is the signing of a contract between the partner and the financial institution. The following details are agreed upon in this contract:

  • The nature of business transactions (bank-technical order types) the partner will conduct with the financial institution
  • Information about the user’s bank accounts
  • The partner’s users working with the bank’s system
  • The authorizations and permissions the users possess

The partner receives the financial institution’s access data (bank parameters) after the contract is signed. The financial institution will set up the partner and user master data in the bank system in accordance with the contractual agreements.

Other prerequisites are successful subscriber initialization, download of the financial institution’s public certificates by the user, and successful verification of the user’s public certificates by the financial institution.

The Sterling B2B Integrator EBICS Banking Server supports EBICS Specification V2.5 for both French and German implementations.

EBICS order types specify the various transactions that can take place between an EBICS Banking Server and an EBICS Client. Each order type is based on an XML schema and caters to different requirements.

You can configure bank, partner, and user profiles in the Profile Manager.

A bank can create one or more offers. An offer enables grouping a set of order types and file formats to a list of partners.

You can use Sterling B2B Integrator to give the necessary permissions to an EBICS user by assigning either all the order types and file formats or a subset of the order types and file formats that are currently assigned to a partner in a particular offer.

After configuring the contract and user permission, you can configure the designated list of signatories to be associated with the order type or file format in the contract. When configuring the contract, if you have specified the number of signatures required to authorize an order to a value greater than 0, you must configure the signatory.

In Sterling B2B Integrator, to extract the payment details from the EBICS payment orders, the partner order types need to be configured for a post-process business process.