Sterling B2B Integrator - EBICS Client User

Using EBICS Client, a partner or partner user can configure and manage multiple banks, partners, and users. Multiple users can interact with multiple banks (EBICS Banking Servers) over HTTP or HTTPS and exchange EBICS-compliant transaction messages.

The Sterling B2B Integrator EBICS Client is a client server application. It provides an end-to-end EBICS solution for an organization to transact with banks

Partners can perform the following tasks in the EBICS Client dashboard interface:
  • Configure users
  • Configure banks
  • Configure security settings for users
  • Verify security settings of a bank
  • Create and manage file formats
  • Create and manage user permissions
  • Create and manage offers
  • Configure orders
  • Submit orders
  • View order-related events and reports
  • Search for orders pending at the VEU management store in the server
  • View and monitor pending tasks

The Sterling B2B Integrator EBICS Client supports EBICS Specification V2.5 for both French and German implementations.

Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard (EBICS) is an Internet-based communication and security standard. EBICS is a European banking standard. EBICS is primarily used for remote data transfer, such as corporate payment transactions, between an organization and a bank.

The IBM Installation Manager installs the EBICS Client module automatically if you select the Financial Services Module option either when you install Sterling B2B Integrator or upgrade from a previous version of Sterling B2B Integrator.

You must configure the prerequisites that access Sterling B2B Integrator before using EBICS Client.

You must configure EBICS Client in Sterling B2B Integrator.

A Super admin or an EBICS Client admin can configure bank, user, offer, and file format profiles.

User permissions define the offers, order types, and file formats, an EBICS Client user can process on EBICS Client. User permissions are derived from the offer created for the bank.

A bank enters into a contract with its trading partners. The contract defines the terms and conditions of business transactions agreed upon between the bank and the trading partner.

Sterling B2B Integrator EBICS Client Users can submit orders using the Order submission function in the User Menu.

The following topic describes how you can view and search events (transactions), search orders, and complete your pending tasks.

After configuring EBICS Client, an EBICS Client admin can update the system property values.

The My Profile page helps you view the user settings. The settings differ based on the user type.

You can import resources and export configuration data for resources pertaining to EBICS Client using Sterling B2B Integrator.

To access Sterling B2B Integrator EBICS Client Graphical User Interface (GUI) and its functions, you must be assigned to one of the following permissions groups:

When sending or receiving transaction data, if the client is down, there is a risk of losing the transaction data. To prevent loss of and to restore transaction data, EBICS Client supports transaction recovery for upload and download transactions.

The following example scenario demonstrates submitting and signing, or rejecting, an FUL order type where the submitter and signer are two separate entities. If the Electronic Signature (ES) value is set to 1, then a single signature of E or A authorization level is sufficient to process an order.

A brief description of the order type, definition of the parameters defined for the order type, and the sample XML schema are provided for the following order types.

When an EBICS Customer Acknowledgment (order type HAC) is downloaded in Sterling B2B Integrator, data including status and reason code information is created as defined in EBICS Specification 2.5.

Users do not directly initiate HAC requests. Instead, HAC requests are automatically performed by the Sterling B2B Integrator EBICS Client according to schedules defined using HAC Scheduling in the EBICS Client Administration menu.

When using EBICS Client, you may receive return codes and event messages.

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