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We at Pragma Edge encourage all professionals to share their ideas, experiences, lessons learned, and trends in their respective fields. Anyone can be a contributor. But we do not publish just anything! Before sending us your article pitches, look at our contributor guidelines to get an idea about what we’re looking for.

Article Submission Guidelines

Any article not adhering to the above-stated norms and standards will get rejected strictly. Endorsement rights lie in complete ownership of our company. And Decision-making right concerning the term of the material stays in possession of our company. The company will not encourage any further clarifications in any respect from any individual on any basis.

Article Submission Process

If you are okay with the above-mentioned guidelines, you can approach us via pragmaedgeinc@gmail.com (you can also submit article by filling the form). Filling your complete details correctly helps us to easily get in touch with you. Share google document to pragmaedgeinc@gmail.com (please provide edit access), your email should include the following:

First we will give you a specific topic to write. However you can also suggest a article topic. We will consider the topic depending on how much value it adds to our website/blog. Once you submit the article (Please share the completed article only in Google Docs) for review, we may approve the article, or reject it outright, or work with you (for content improvements or necessary changes) till we find the article suitable for our website. We will reject your article, if we feel that your changes or content improvement aren’t satisfactory. If we accept your blog article, we will add it to our publishing queue. we will send you an confirmation email once it goes live on our site.

What is not allowed or will not likely to be accepted?

Our content team will review your post and determine where it fits with our standards and editorial calendar. We may ask you to make edits if needed. When the article is published, you’ll be notified with the link to the published article.

Keep in mind that due to the large number of article pitches we receive, we may not be able to respond to each inquiry immediately.

Copyrights Violation

  • Guest blogging/Guest posting is a great opportunity, and one deserves the right recognition for his/her skills.
  • Lawfully you are liable for your content.
  • You are responsible when you are using/posting content/images/work, which is lawful. You are liable in the case when a guest post violates others’ copyrights.
  • Please read all the guidelines before submitting the blog article.
  • We will share your content/articles on our social media platforms. We will help you to get your content noticed by more numbers of users.

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