Sterling File Gateway Tutorial

To learn how Sterling File Gateway works from end to end, perform the following procedure using sample files that you create to use with the tutorial.

Only the high-level tasks are listed here. For specific instructions for each step, see the topics in the appropriate persona library. Use the following log on information for users that are automatically installed with Sterling File Gateway:
User ID
System Administratorfg_sysadminpassword
Integration Architectfg_architectpassword
Route Provisionerfg_provisionerpassword
  1. Log in to Sterling File Gateway as fg_sysadmin.
  2. Configure an FTP Server adapter.
    See Prepare Communication Adapters.
  3. Log out.
  4. Log in as fg_architect.
  5. From the main menu, select Participants > Communities to create a community with the following values:
    Community NameFirstComm
    Partner Initiates Protocol ConnectionX
    Partner Listens for Protocol ConnectionsX
    FTP or FTPSX
    Should Receive NotificationYes
    See Create a Community.
  6. Select Participants > Groups to create a group named Group1.
    See Create a Group.
  7. Log out of Sterling File Gateway.
  8. Log in as fg_provisioner.
  9. Create two partners with the following values:
    Value For First Partner
    Value For Second Partner
    Partner NamePartner1Partner2